We will explain how to scale the downloaded file.

The most important thing of all …. MAKE A COPY OF THE FILE AND KEEP IT … WE NEED A VECTORIAL PROGRAM … In the examples we have used corel draw which is very common. 1 Unzip the .zip file ….. select the .eps and open it with our vectorial program.

2  Once the .eps has been opened … move everything towards a margin (in the example we have gone to the left). Do it in parts and calmly encompassing the whole (each view with its logos inside) trying to get everything within a measure of superior view that is what we will measure later.

3  We measure our model that we are going to reproduce …… in this case we have used a 1/32 slot and it gives us the LENGTH 113 mm

4 We scale the whole file or blueprint, taking as reference those 113mm that we have measured long,, for this we must take some care to try to configure our vectorial program well so that it does it width-long at the same time. There are 4 very simple steps ….

a) The BLOCK highlighted in the image must be CLOSED ….. this will make that when we put ONLY the measure of the LENGTH that we want to climb we also scale the width.

b) We select the entire file and delete the length measurement,

c)  We continue with the selected file and write those 113mm long

d) Press ENTER and we have EVERYTHING CLIMBED ……. long and wide

5) We make another SECURITY COPY

6) We prepare the logos to print them later. a) Carefully separate the logos from the blueprint and group them in a slightly dark background since some are white.

7) We make another backup …… Now we need to check that all the logos are adjusted to the measurements of our body.

-We make prints on paper b / n or color ….. both the template and the logos and check.

-There are stickers that are white, to be able to present them in the bodywork, a light gray background is placed in the corel ..



-We decorate the logos and present it in the body …….



-If we have to alter a logo since it must be bigger or smaller. In the corel file …… We select that logo and clicking on a CORNER we expand or reduce it.


This is a calculation that is usually done a little to eye since it is a smaller setting, but VERY IMPORTANT since it is where you see the difference between a good or bad reproduction. We make an impression on plain paper of the corrected logo and we present it again in the bodywork ……. we check (ALWAYS WITH PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE REAL CAR) that everything remains as we like TIP: Sometimes several stickers that are close together can also be presented together. WE ALREADY HAVE ALL THE SCALED STICKERS .¡¡¡¡¡¡